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YoungVitalizer Incision Less Facelift Before and After Patient 12

YoungVitalizer Before and After Patient 12 by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young : This is our patient #12 who had the YoungVitalizer to treat her whole face. She wanted improvement for her dark circles, wrinkles around her mouth, her general skin and her overall aged appearance:

 As you can see in the above before and after photos, her skin has markedly improved. She has a more healthier glow. The light has been brought back to her upper and lower part of her eyes. Her general aged appearance is overall improved.

“Dr. Young,

I will state again how you “solved” beautifully every concern I had about my aging face.Eyes sunken and purple underneath sagging cheeks mouth/lips looking old chin and neck sagging. I have yet so much to accomplish and I was looking old to myself. I wasn’t finished living!!!

I look like a “new” person…and a pretty one!!!

I am indeed “happy” with what you have done. It is quite a gift.

Love, Accolades to you and Gratitude, -11|21|13” – C.P.