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YoungVitalizer Before And After Patient 9

YoungVitalizer Before And After Patient 9: This is Karen, the Owner of the Northwest Women’s Show. She’s been a patient of The YoungVitalizer Team and Dr. Philip Young (Bellevue | Seattle) for the past 6-7 years and wanted something done to make her look natural. She knew about our innovative procedure and thought our results were really good. She was really happy with with us from before and was confident that she would look great from the YoungVitalizer: The Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift.

She received our Incision Face Lift Alternative to her whole face. In her before picture, I knew that if we took skin from her upper eyelid, the eyes wouldn’t look young and natural like she used to. Our goal was to bring the light back to the most important parts of her face: the eyes, nose, and mouth areas. This same principle applies to the lower eyelid area as well. With age the lower eyelid and cheek sink backwards and the eyebrows and forehead throw a shadow over them. When you take out skin and fat from the lower eyelid, the light is not brought back but is made worse with traditional procedures. The way to bring the light back is to shape them in such a way that the light shines better on this area. The YoungVitalizer is the best way to do this.Take a look at the before and afters and see the light under the eyebrows in the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid | upper cheek area. Traditional procedures cannot achieve this special effect like the YoungVitalizer.

Here is a Video Testimonial from Karen about her experience with the YoungVitalizer Office. There is also a testimonial from Naomi Morgan, The Lead Actress for the Seattle Musical Rent last year.