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YoungVitalizer Before and After Patient 8

YoungVitalizer, Breakthrough Incision-Less Facelift Before and After Patient 8 by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young: This is our patient’s before and after the youngvitalizer Procedure done in the Lower Eyes, and Upper Cheek area for a Lower Eyelid Lifting, Mid Face Lifting for Lower Eyelid Hollows, Dark Circles. See below for more of a discussion on this patient’s procedure:

This patient really did not like her lower eyelid dark circles, hollowing and the tired look this imparted to her face. We did the youngvitalizer in the lower eyelid area, upper cheek area and the whole middle part of her face. Notice how the dark circles have improved and how more attention has been directed towards her eyes. She was incredibly happy with the results. The after pictures were taken 8 months after her procedure.

This natural improvement and change for the better was done with just the youngvitalizer and this patients own tissues. The youngvitalizer entails no incisions, just injections of your tissue to create this incredible youthful look. Dr. Young incorporates his Theory on Facial Beauty to achieve these results. Notice how her cheeks have been filled and the lower eyelid hollows have their youth brought back without looking operated on and without looking like something was “done”.