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How do Traditional Procedures Fit in with the YoungVitalizer?

How do Traditional Procedures like Face lifts, Brow lifts, Eye lifts, Neck lifts, Mouth | Lip lifts, Cheek | Midface lifts Fit in with the YoungVitalizer (The Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift) – Seattle | Bellevue?

This is a great topic. You might be wondering if traditional procedures obsolete with the YoungVitalizer. The answer is no. We think that for certain people traditional procedures can still help in certain situations. We often address this question. We think traditional procedures are helpful when a person gains a lot of weight and then loses a lot of weight. The situation then changes from the grape getting to be a bigger grape and then shrinks to a raisin. In this case some reducing of the tissue could be helpful through a face lift | eye lift. However, We think that there could always be a need for the YoungVitalizer. No matter what, a person still loses volume in certain areas with age even when they are really overweight. The reason is that weight is gained in other areas more so than the face. In fact, a person can be really overweight and still need some volume in the under eye area, forehead and temple area, and mouth areas. But we will address each area and discuss each traditional procedure.


Browlifts are done through incisions in the hair that can go from ear to ear. The incisions can be pretty extensive. After this is done, the procedure is taken down to the brow bone area and the tissues are released from the brow bone to allow the brows to be pulled up with sutures. It is the opinion of the YoungVitalizer team that the browlift is not needed as often as it is being used in our field.  Take a look at the picture below of this gorgeous supermodel that is famous for being one of the Victoria Secret Models:


Pay attention to the space between the brow and the margin of the eyelid, specifically the distance between the bottom of the eyebrow and the bottom of area where the eyelashes attach to. If you measure this distance, in this particular person it is less than the width of the colored part of the eye.  The ideal length of this distance is approximately an iris width.  If you look at the drawing below from Dr. Young’s Theory on Facial Beauty you will see this is a major part of this theory:

figure 1

The most important thing from this point is that to make this area beautiful the distance doesn’t have to be much longer than an iris width. In fact, if this distance is much more than an iris width, you start imparting to the observer a surprised, shocked look.  There is something else that is making the face look older and it is not just the distance from the the bottom of the eyebrow to the eyelid lashline. Take a look at the picture below:


This person’s distance is much longer than an iris width but she has an aged look. If you were to give this person a browlift you would make her look very odd. So there is something else that is missing that is making the young person above look young and this person look old.

In short, we think browlift’s are not good to restore what you once had. But if your intent is to change the way you look then a browlift can be useful. For example, if you brow is very low, lower than an iris width distance from bottom of the eyebrow to the lash line, you could benefit from a browlift.  We would look at your younger photos and see if your brows were very low when you were younger and decide together if this is the route to go.

Eye lifts:

The same issue applies to the eyelift as well. When you compare the picture of the younger person and the older person above, it may not be that you need to remove skin. In the picture above, if you were to remove skin you could end up with less skin but the light wouldn’t be brought back as this article | page discusses: Reversing the Aging Process: Bringing Back the Light with the YoungVitalizer. Taking more skin could make the area darker but you may have less wrinkles there. The way to make this area younger looking with more glow, would be to shape the area and bring volume back in the most important areas like this:

face,necklift,fatinjections02CE 06

or like this before and after:


The upper and lower eye lift are the same. Taking more skin and fat from the lower eyelids places this area farther back in relation to the eyebrow | brow bone and eye structures. The result is more shade cast on the lower eyelid and cheek structures instead of more light that can be gained through the YoungVitalizer procedure in this area.

Neck lift:

Neck lifts on the other hand are a little bit different. It is hard to make the neck tight by using fat. As you can see in the before and afters below, you can see some improvement in the neck. But to really fully tighten the neck a neck lift can really make a significant difference. We often combine the YoungVitalizer with a Neck lift to treat both of these areas:

YoungVitalizerBeforeAfter04 YoungVitalizerBeforeAfter07

Midface | Cheek Lift:

The YoungVitalizer Team almost never sees a reason to do the midface | cheek lift. With all the risks of this procedure and the little benefit that you get, the midface | cheek lift will likely fall out of favor for most practicing cosmetic | plastic surgeons. We have seen more negative things happen with the midface | cheeklift than positive things. The best thing for the middle part of the face is shaping and volume enhancement what the YoungVitalizer accomplishes. If you look at the pictures above.  This persons middle part of the face looks outstanding. She looks a lot younger and this area stands out the most out of her whole face. In this particular patient, we concentrated on the middle part of the face more than the upper part based on her desires. Notice how her cheeks and face actually look smaller than the before picture.

Mouth | Lip Lift:

There are certain situations where a lip lift can be helpful for a person. If the distance from the bottom of the nose to the upper lift is much longer than an iris width you can shorten this distance with a lip lift. It is coined the buffalo or gull wing lip lift. Below is a picture of where we usually do the incision for the lip lift done with a buffalo or gull wing design. There are ways to camouflage this incision so that it looks better:


Here is a before and after picture of what a lip lift can do:


This procedure can get great results. However, most people don’t like to have an incision under the nose area that can be seen. This is where the YoungVitalizer procedure can help make the mouth area better without incisions. With our approach we can shorten this distance to a variable degree while augmenting the whole area as well as plump the lips and give the lips a younger and fuller look: