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What are the risks with Traditional Procedures?

What are the risks with Traditional Procedures and why The YoungVitalizer (The Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift Alternative) is a better option – Seattle | Bellevue?

We are going to talk about traditional procedures like the facelift, upper | lower eyelift, browlift, necklift, midfacelift, liplifts | lip augmentation and what the general risk factors are with traditional procedures. In the other pages we are going to look at specific procedures in more detail and you can go back to the page Learn More About the YoungVitalizer: The Breakthrough Incision Less Face lift to find those pages. Below is a video showing parts of a traditional face lift procedure:

As you can tell, the above procedure is pretty invasive. It is not surprising, that you can see that there can be a lot of complications associated with such an approach. The elevation of the skin can lead to possible skin death, where you would lose parts of your skin. The exposure of the nerves can mean nerve damage if you are just a little above or below. The exposure itself will lead to a space that can collect fluid which can develop a blood collection and ultimately an infection. With all traditional procedures the risks of bleeding, infection, nerve damage, damage to organs, blood vessels, hematoma, contraction and scarring are much more common than the YoungVitalizer. Also with these traditional procedures, you will have long incisions and the complications associated with that. Drains, are often needed with face lifts, brow lifts, etc and with that other complications and issues can arise. The risks with the YoungVitalizer are much less and much lower than with traditional procedures.