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Reversing the Aging Process: Bringing Back the Light with the YoungVitalizer

Reversing the Aging Process: Bringing Back the Light with the YoungVitalizer (The Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift) – Seattle | Bellevue:

As we mentioned in one of our previous pages on The Aging Process: a paradigm shift, we discussed how the face ages much through a loss of volume. The general shift of the facial tissues is in a downward and inward direction. Most of the traditional procedures move the tissues upward and backward which places the facial tissue in the incorrect position. The YoungVitalizer works to place your facial tissues in the right position and moving them in an upward and outward direction. The result of this is bringing back the light. The reason why it brings back the light is because the tissues sink inward and downward. With that inward movement, the tissues above like the eyebrow and the lower eyelid serve as sources of shade so further moving your tissues back just hides your facial tissues underneath the things above like your eyebrow and lower eyelid structures. The only way to bring them out from under the shade is to push the tissues out by correctly shaping them through the YoungVitalizer. Again if you look at the photo below, the lower eyelids in the before have light on the bags and darkness under the bags. The darkness is predominately due to the shadow cast by the bag. When you remove the bag the darkness may lighten a little bit but afterwards the darness extends to the previous baggy area and now the whole eyelid is dark and hollow.


You could argue that the lower eyelid looks better but it probably would look better with more light. It would be hard to argue that the person is going to look younger. The YoungVitalizer brings the light back by advancing the area under the bag forward to grab more light. It does so because the advancement places it further forward than the lower eyelid bag and the eyebrow above so that less shadowing is occuring and more light is hitting the area that we advance. Take a look at the picture below. Here we have a before and after showing how we made the lower eyelids and cheeks grab more light from above and give this person a more healthier glow:

Here is a close up of the lower eyelids showing how the area is attracting a lot more light:



Here is a recent testimonial of this patient above in a recent commercial that we had on Komo TV: