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What is the Recovery for Lip Lift | Lip Augmentation Procedures?

What is the Recovery for Lip Lift | Lip Augmentation Procedures by the YoungVitalizer Team, who bring you a Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift:

An important thing to first understand is that all people heal at different rates after a lip lift | augmentation. So some of this information will need to be tailored to you specifically and uniquely. After a lip lift | augmentation mild to moderate discomfort is usually present. This pain | discomfort can be lessened with pain medications. The greatest discomfort occurs during the first 24 hours. Thereafter, patients have found that they require less pain medication as the days go by. You may be required to be on a liquid diet for a short time. Over the next few days after your procedure, your doctor will slowly advance your diet as tolerated. During the first two weeks patients should avoid excessive smiling, laughing, talking, chewing, smoking and other significant mouth movements to avoid putting pressure on the incisions.  We may have you rinse your mouth with chlorohexidine for 1 week or longer. Approximately 6 days following your procedure you may have non absorbable sutures that will need to be removed. Most of the time, you will have absorbable sutures that will fall out on their own. You can read more about lip lift | augmentation procedures here: Lip Lift | Augmentation Procedures.

How is the recovery for the YoungVitalizer Procedure, The Breakthrough Incision Less way of augmenting your lips? Because there are no incisions done around the mouth, the amount of pain is minimal after a lip augmenation | lip lift using the YoungVitalizer. All that is required are injections to plump up | fill | lift | and augment the lips.