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Mid Face Lift Recovery – How Soon Can You Be Back in Action?

A mid face lift procedure is a surgical process that will typically cause considerable redness, swelling and puffiness for several days. Mid face lift recovery can take from one to several weeks. While most people are able to resume working in about a week or two, full recovery in terms of the final results of the surgery can take considerably longer.

What is the recovery time after a mid face lift

Mid Face Lift RecoveryThere are different types of incisions that are used to perform the procedure and the size and location of the incisions could determine the length and nature of mid face lift recovery. The rule of thumb is that a mid face lift involves fewer regions of the face than a full face lift and so may have a shorter recovery time. As for the procedure itself, a mid facelift operation takes about a couple of hours to perform.

Some surgeons also perform a minimally invasive endoscopic type of mid face lift, where the incision is required to be a lot smaller. This could also cut down on the recovery time because healing may be faster with smaller incisions. In this procedure, a smaller incision is made and an endoscope or tiny camera and surgical instruments are inserted to perform what is known as keyhole surgery.

While there are rarely any complications from this surgery, in rare cases there could be the kind of complications that delay recovery. Hematoma (bleeding under the skin) blood clots, infection, healing problems, hair loss along the incision line and other such complications could in cases delay recovery.

What kind of discomfort should you expect during mid face lift recovery

The pain and discomfort from having a mid face lift is not usually severe. This typically fades over a couple of days following the procedure. There could be redness, numbness and the feeling of tightness which may however continue for longer.  It is discomfort rather than actual pain and is usually caused by the swelling.

If general anesthesia is used for the procedure, there could be some discomfort from that as well, and the patient would be required to spend at least one night in hospital. You would have to factor this into your estimate of a mid face lift recovery.

If a person has a desk job or a non-strenuous office job, they may be able to return to work within a week or as soon after the procedure as they feel comfortable being seen in public. Those who have a physically demanding or strenuous job would be advised to refrain from working for longer. In fact any kind of strenuous activity such as a challenging exercise regimen may have to be put on hold for the time being.

While mid face lift recovery is usually complete in about 6 weeks and in most cases patients can resume all of their normal activities in that time, the final results of the surgery will take some time to emerge. The fat pad repositioning involved will settle and start to look completely normal after as long as 6 months.

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