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Mid Face Lift Procedure – What Is Involved

Mid Face Lift ProcedureThe correct technical name for facelift procedures is rhytidectomy which literally means surgical removal or excision of wrinkles. This is the term used to describe a range of procedures that involve removal of excess facial skin, tightening of underlying tissues, re-draping of facial skin for people who want to look younger and more youthful. The mid face lift procedure is also a surgical intervention aimed at regaining a more youthful, fresher appearance.

Different types of face lifts address different areas of the face and neck. The mid facelift procedure is aimed at restoring volume and tone to the cheeks and under eye area of the face and smoothing the lines and furrows that have formed there. It helps rejuvenate the middle portion of the face; hence the term ‘mid face’ is used to describe it.

What’s Included in a Mid Face Lift Procedure?

The subcutaneous fat deposits beneath the surface of the skin may start to shrink in volume due to advancing age, weight loss, illness and so on. This volume loss often tends to give a more masculine appearance to a woman’s face. The mid facelift helps restore that lost volume by softening and filling out the sagging cheeks area.

Most typically, the layers of fat below the skin are lifted and repositioned to smooth some of the lines that bracket the mouth and nose, to reduce the bags under the eyes and restore a smooth and youthful fullness to the cheeks.  Incisions may be made along the hair line, inside the mouth or under the lower eyelids depending upon the person’s facial structure, personal requirements and the techniques that the surgeon chooses to uses.

Some types of mid facelifts are also minimally invasive when they are done using an endoscopic procedure. Some surgeons offer the patient conscious sedation rather than general anesthesia and perform the surgery as an outpatient procedure. Dr Young is an award winning plastic surgeon specializing in face and neck cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. He uses breakthrough technology to offer face lifts with minimal or no incisions resulting in shorter recovery periods and natural looking results.

Can a Mid Face Lift Procedure Help You Improve Your Smile?

The mid facelift can significantly alter the appearance. In some cases the face, particularly the cheeks area can look a little overfull but over time the repositioned fat will assume a more natural aspect. Since the procedure helps smooth out some of the lines that bracket the nose and mouth – those same lines that are most pronounced while smiling – it does indeed help to improve your smile. Many women, who become conscious of the lines that appear as they smile, lose their self-consciousness about smiling after undergoing a mid facelift.

What Part of the Face is Repositioned in a Mid Face Lift Procedure

The sagging cheek tissue is the main target of this procedure. The procedure is recommended for men and women in their 40’s, who do not yet have excess loose skin in the jaw and chin areas. Typically by middle age, you are plagued by dark hollows under the eyes, a deepening of the laugh lines and a loss of fullness. These are the areas of the face that the mid face lift procedure targets – in other words it is a procedure that helps maintain a youthful appearance while the face has not yet started to show very distinct signs of aging.

Schedule a consultation with Dr Philip Young to determine the exact needs of your face, and the best procedures and technology available for achieving desired results. Rest assured, with his award winning and illustrious career, your face will be in the best possible hands.