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Mid Face Lift Cost – What You May Expect To Pay for a Mid Face Lift

So many things can take a toll on the skin’s youthfulness – age, environmental factors, stress, weight loss, illness and injury can all give rise to unwelcome changes. One of the ways to turn back the wheels of time has gained popularity in recent times – it is the mid facelift. We look at mid face lift costs and other details about the procedure. 

How Much Does a Mid Face Lift Cost?

Mid Face Lift CostThe cost of a mid face lift can be quite variable. Several factors will determine what you can expect to pay – what exact procedure or procedures you opt for, what they entail, the skill and experience of the surgeon, the fees of the anesthetist, the medical facilities you opt for etc. Other deciding factors are whether you decide to get other procedures such as a full face lift along with it. The area that the surgeon operates out of may also impact costs.

However, generally speaking, mid face lift cost is upward of $5000. It could go on up to $18,000 to 20,000 if one decides to have multiple procedures. You should be wary about what exactly you’re getting if a surgeon claims to do it for significantly less than $5000. The credentials of the surgeon, their experience, and certifications as well as other patient reviews will merit close attention. Dr Philip Young was the highest scorer in his year when studying the specialized procedures of face and neck cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. He has received numerous awards and honors during his distinguished career. With him, you can rest assured that your face is in extremely skilled, well trained and practiced hands.

What’s Included in the Cost of a Mid Face Lift

It’s important to understand exactly what a mid face lift entails: it is not the right procedure for someone who wants to have extensive work done or for someone who has a lot of loose skin around the jaw line, neck and chin areas.  The main problem areas that the procedure addresses are the cheeks, the lower eyelids and prominent nasal folds or nasolabial folds (prominent creases around the lips and nose).

Volume loss in the cheek region, bags under the eyes and loose skin around the cheek area will improve. More particularly, the way that the light falls on the face improves which enhances and rejuvenates the facial structure making the person look subtly but perceptibly younger. Typically, what you get for your mid face lift cost is better volume in the upper cheeks, and a restoration of the youthful fullness to the face.

Surgeons tend to use various different types of incisions for a mid facelift – incisions could be made through the lower eyelids, or via the nasolabial folds – the depth and direction of the incisions depend upon the requirements of the patient and the techniques developed by the surgeon themselves. Ideally the procedure should lift the facial tissue outward and upward to create the most realistic and attractive results.

To understand exactly what mid face lift cost entails, have a consultation with Dr Young. Ask plenty of questions about the surgery, about what you can realistically expect, about recovery, after care, follow up procedures and so on to make a well informed decision. Also listen to the surgeon if they honestly tell you that your requirements may not be addressed by mid facelift surgery. Dr Young will guide you towards the best possible options for your face that will result in naturally younger looking skin rather than the pulled and taut plastic look.