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How the YoungVitalizer helps with the Upper Eyelid Area: The Incision Less Upper Eyelift.

How the YoungVitalizer helps with the Upper Eyelid Area: The Incision Less Upper Eyelift:

We would like to talk a little bit about the aging in the Upper Eyelid Area. The first thing we want to do is talk about an ideal upper eyelid. Below is a picture of a Victoria Secret Model. Most people would agree that she is attractive. One thing I would like you to do is pay attention to the upper eyelid. Specifically, what I want you to see is the distance from the bottom part of the brow and the margin of the eyelid just below the eyelashes. As you see in her, the distance is less than the colored part of the eye.  So really in this person, her eyebrow is relatively lower compared to most people, but what you can see in her is that she is pretty. Not just pretty, she is a gorgeous person. Our point is that there are other elements in the upper eyelid | brow area that makes someone look young | old, pretty | not pretty.



Here is a close up of her for you to get a clearer view:


Now take a look at this picture of one of our patients below. What you will notice is that the distance from the bottom of the eyebrow to the eyelid margin is longer than the colored part is wide or high. In relation, to the Victoria Secret Model Above, the person below actually has a higher position of her eyebrow. I think most people would agree that the Victoria Secret Model is younger looking than the person below. So why is that? Is a brow lift needed to make the person below look younger? Based on the distances that we just talked about, elevating the eyebrow of the person below does not seem like the answer.  Our point is that the person below is missing tissue and volume in the upper eyelid that makes her eyelids look older. The missing tissue in the upper eyelid, makes the whole upper eyelid appear hollow and sunken with extra skin and tissue hanging. This is so because there is less tissue that is taking up and filling the upper eyelid like it is in the younger person’s photo above.


The YoungVitalizer aims to reverse the aging process in the exact way that we aged. Now take a look at the picture below of the before and after for this patient. As you can see the hollowing is much better and she looks younger. The light is shining back a bit more in the upper eyelid. This was done without any incisions. All we did was to inject natural cells into the face and skin to get these long lasting results. Take a look at her quote and you will be able to tell that she is really satisfied with our work:

“Here are the after photos for _____________. Everyone says you did an amazing job and I am very satisfied with your work… ” – S.O.

How does the YoungVitalizer do this. We achieve these results through our injections to fill in parts of the face and shape the face to bring out the most beautiful parts of the face. Through Dr. Young’s theory on beauty, we are able to really understand how to do this. The upper eyelid in this patient looks natural and she doesn’t look pulled or like she has had something done. This is the beauty of the YoungVitalizer. We believe that we can get great results for you and your friends, family and coworkers won’t know that you had something done.