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How the YoungVitalizer helps with the Lower Eyelid Area: The Incision Less Lower Eyelift.

How the YoungVitalizer helps with the Lower Eyelid Area: The Incision Less Lower Eyelift – Seattle | Bellevue:

The lower eyelid area ages through predominately a volume loss. This loss occurs mostly between the eyelid and cheek area. The result is a depression between the eyelid and cheek. This is commonly referred to as the double contour deformity in the facial plastic surgery world. Traditionally, the surgical approach for this has been the reduction of fat in the lower eyelid to allow a better transition from the cheek to the eyelid through the lower eyelid blepharoplasty | lower eyelift procedure. We consider this concept old and outdated. The reason is because we got to the double contour deformity through a volume loss and not a gain. So reduction of the lower eyelid volume is not the answer. Rather the addition of volume in just the right places is the answer. The other reason the traditional approach is outdated is that the results often lead to a hollow look and a look that is devoid of light.  Often, removing the lower eyelid bags causes more shadowing in the lower eyelids and really no reversal of the aging process. The YoungVitalizer approaches the lower eyelid in an approapriate age reversing manner.

Take a look at the before and after Incision Less Lower Eyelift with the YoungVitalizer:


Notice how the eyes are not hollowed out more as they would be with traditional approaches like the lower eyelid lift | blepharoplasty. The YoungVitalizer here has brought more light to the lower eyelid and cheek area. The after face here shows more youthful glow and the skin looks better too.  This is an example of how the YoungVitalizer brings back the light to the face and in this example the lower eyelid | cheek area. Can Fillers | Fat Injections do the same? In our opinion, the answer is a strong “No”! Rejuvenating the face is like molding clay. See our explanation of Why the YoungVitalizer is different from Fillers and Fat injections here.