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Fat Injections and why the YoungVitalizer is better:

Fat Injections and why the YoungVitalizer (The Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift)  is better – Seattle | Bellevue :

There are many reasons why the YoungVitalizer is more than simply “fat injections.” The technique for the YoungVitalizer is unique to Dr. Young and Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery and is based on Dr. Young’s Award Winning research article, Theory on Facial Beauty. Our Doctor’s spend a significant amount of time formulating a plan of care based on your unique aesthetic needs, goals, and facial anatomy. Additionally, the doctors here at The YoungVitalizer take their time and are extremely careful and thoughtful when determining the best areas of your face to shape to bring out your natural beauty.

Fillers and Fat Injections bring needed volume to your face. But like a sculpture, there are endless possibilities to achieve a great form of art. The YoungVitalizer Team with the help of Dr. Philip Young’s Theory on Facial Beauty makes this art form a science.  Imagine a block of clay, there are an infinite number of options to shape that block. The same goes for filling the face with fillers or fat injections. Through injections, you can choose a million spots to place the filler. With each those spots, you have a million depths and directions. After those choices, you then have a million number of amounts you could place.  The variables don’t end there. With all of these options for treatment, options for molding the block of clay, it helps to have a blue print for success. This is where Dr. Young’s theory on facial beauty comes into play.

block of clay

The YoungVitalizer will give you the best, most natural results with the least amount of complications. The team here at The YoungVitalizer and their Doctors have done extensive research and have years of expertise and experience. Feel free to read more about Our Team by following this link: The YoungVitalizer Team.