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What is the cost of Lower Eyelift surgery and how would the YoungVitalizer Compare?

What is the cost of Lower Eyelift surgery and how would the YoungVitalizer (Incision Less Lower Eyelift) Compare – Seattle | Bellevue?


The lower eyelid bleparoplasty surgery typically can cost anywhere from 2000-6000 dollars. This is all dependent on where you go and who you go to. The different metropolitan cities differ in their cost of living and thus the cost of these types of procedures.  The price of this procedure usually only covers removing the lower eyelid fat and skin. So when you consider this procedure versus the YoungVitalizer, our pricing for this area is about the same. The difference is that the YoungVitalizer not only treats the lower eyelid baggy area but it is used to treat this whole area including the lower eyes, the lateral cheeks, the anterior cheeks, and the area around the upper mouth and next to the nose ( nasolabial folds). We need to do this to properly blend the tissues of the lower eyelid together with the cheek and the surrounding area.

The other thing to consider is whether the results you get with the lower blepharoplasty are the results that you want. Based on my education (You can see my credentials here: Dr Philip Young Creator of the YoungVitalizer), the lower blepharoplasty | eyelift procedure does not move the tissues in the correct way to reverse the aging process.  If you see this page on the Aging Process: A paradigm shift, you will see that the lower eyelid lift | blepharoplasty takes the light away when you really want the light to come back to the face. The YoungVitalizer brings the light back to the face. Here is a before and after showing the light coming back not taken away by the YoungVitalizer:

If you consider all the things that the YoungVitalizer will do to the whole middle part of your face, the worth of this procedure would be much more than the lower eyelid lift| blepharoplasty. Augmentation of the nasolabial fold and area around the mouth can be from 3-5 thousand. A cheek lift can be 3-5 thousand. So when you add up all the benefits it could run 12 thousand. The YoungVitalizer is much less expensive than this. Below is another before and after showing how the YoungVitalizer brings back the light to the face. Now the face has a more youthful glow, which essentially is the light reflecting back at you. Important note is that the pictures below are taken with the same camera and the same lighting within our Seattle | Bellevue YoungVitalizer Office. The pictures have not been touched up by any means using Computer Morphing or Photoshop.

We would also like to say that we don’t approach facial rejuvenation with just one approach. We truly believe that the YoungVitalizer is the better option for many areas of the face. However, if we see that there are certain areas that may be better approached by other means, including traditional approaches, we will always consider what is best for your face! We have the means to do all aspects of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.