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What is the Cost of Liplift | Lip Augmentation surgery and How the YoungVitalizer Compares?

What is the cost of Liplift | Lip Augmentation surgery and how would the YoungVitalizer (The Breakthrough Incision Less Lip Lift) Compare Seattle | Bellevue?


The picture above is a before and after images of a Lip Augmentation | Enhancement to make the lips fuller | plumper and more attractive. The Lip enhancement was done with a VY Advancement. You can read about this procedure more by clicking here: Lip Enhancement by VY advancement.

The procedure above costs about 4-6 thousand dollars and only enhances the lip area. This can be good if you are doing just that area. But if you are wanting to do that and make the whole mouth area look younger, you would need to address the lips and the area around the lips like the chin, jawline, cheek next to the mouth and above the mouth around the nose area. This is the only way to fully rejuvenate the mouth | perioral area. The costs of doing this with fillers can be 3-4 thousand dollars in a year and you might need to repeat it every year. Face lifting can only slightly improve the mouth area and that costs 8-12 thousand dollars.  So a full mouth rejuvenation | perioral enhancment can be from 4-20 thousand dollars. The YoungVitalizer is much less than that if you were to do just one area around the mouth.  As you can see when you compare full face rejuvenation (and you can click here to read more about The costs of facelift and how the YoungVitalizer compares?) the YoungVitalizer is much less in pricing. Also we strongly believe that the results from the YoungVitalizer is better than traditional procedures.

Below is a picture of the YoungVitalizer that was used to rejuvenate the lips and mouth area. Notice the fullness of the lips in the afters in contrast to the befores:

Below is a picture of an enhancement of the mouth area | perioral area from the YoungVitalizer. Notice the decrease wrinkles around the mouth and in the cheek area next to the mouth. Notice the increased volumes in the lips. We can design how you would like your lips to look.

Here is a close up of another before and after picture that shows the positive benefits of the YoungVitalizer in the Mouth | Lip | Perioral Area. Notice below the improvements in the wrinkles | skin color | fresh light that is present in the after photos: