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Cheek Lift Cost – What Should You Expect to Pay for a Cheek Lift

Cheek Lift Cost – What Should You Expect to Pay for a Cheek Lift:

cheek lift costAs cosmetic surgery gets more advanced, more and more procedures are being developed to address the exact requirements of different individuals. One of more recent procedures is a Cheek Lift Procedure. This can help those who don’t want to undergo a full facelift. Read on to find out what a cheek lift entails, about cheek lift cost and what you can realistically expect from the procedure.

What is a cheek lift?

A full facelift can be a very invasive and complicated procedure. It can have a long period of recovery and in cases may have rather dodgy results – that tight or that windblown look is a common problem for instance. A cheek lift is less invasive and can produce great results too, while costing much lesser.

This surgery takes care of common problems such as sagging of the cheeks with age, loss of fullness and volume and that peculiar flat, masculine appearance that older women dread. It can also take care of problems such as puffy jowls and so on.

The procedure involves pulling the skin of the cheeks up and outward and repositioning some of the deeper facial tissues. These are fine surgical maneuvers made using small incisions that subtly increase freshness and rejuvenate the face, making it look younger and more attractive.

How Much Does a Cheek Lift Cost?

A cheek lift can cost anything above $3,000 going all the way up to $10,000. The cost can vary significantly depending upon what technique the doctor uses, what else you get done, the fee charged by the anesthetist as well as the type of follow up procedures or after-care offered.

If you are offered a cheek lift for much lower than $3000 you should be a little doubtful. Is the surgeon genuinely board certified or are there hidden add-ons that you will have to pay for? For your money, exactly what do you get? It is important to look very carefully at these questions to understand what a cheek lift cost will ultimately add up to.

Are there any circumstances where the cost of a cheek lift would be covered by insurance?

The rule of thumb for all elective, cosmetic procedures is that insurance will not pay for them, so keep this in mind as you calculate cheek lift cost. In some rare cases there could be a medical reason why a cheek lift is required such as paralysis, congenital deformity or facial asymmetry. In such cases insurance may pay for the procedure, but even this will vary from one to another service provider and the fine print in your insurance policy.

Dr Young’s breakthrough cheek lift techniques

Some doctors use the terms mid facelift and cheek lift interchangeably, but there are subtle differences: whereas a mid facelift targets the upper part of the cheeks area, a cheek lift addresses problems in the lower part of the cheeks. Dr Young has studied both procedures and their differences closely.

Dr Philip Young and his team have developed cheek lift procedures that are minimally invasive and safe, while at the same time offering aesthetically pleasing, natural looking results. Each individual’s requirements and aspirations are considered during one on one consultations, to gauge which procedure will produce the best results for a given person.