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How the YoungVitalizer helps with the Brow | Temple | Forehead Area

How the YoungVitalizer helps with the Brow | Temple | Forehead Area for an Incision Less Eye Browlift – Seattle | Bellevue:

We would like to expand our thoughts on how the YoungVitalizer improves the Brow | Upper Eyelid | Temple and Forehead Areas. First, take a look at the picture below. We would like you concentrate on a few important things. Now, measure the distance between this person’s bottom of her eyebrow and the eyelid margin at the plane of the pupil area.  Now compare that distance with the width of this person’s colored part of her eye. What you will notice is that the distance from bottom of the eyebrow to the eyelid margin is smaller | shorter than the width of the iris. Based on Dr. Young’s Theory on Facial Beauty this distance should be equal to the width of the iris. For this person, the distance looks very good for her. Simply put, she’s gorgeous. The point is that the distance doesn’t have to be larger from the bottom of the eyebrow to the eyelid margin for a person to look good or look young. In short, you most likely don’t need a browlift to look better. You don’t need a brow lift to make you look younger, either if you think this person is beautiful. In fact, a browlift can make you look surprised and unnatural instead of what you want to look like: younger in a natural way. Our goal of the YoungVitalizer is to shape the face in an upward and outward direction – the exact opposite of the way we aged, downward and inward. See this video explaining this concept: Dr. Young and the YoungVitalizer on New Day Northwest.


Based on looking at the above photo, you should be able to conclude that you don’t need elevated eyebrows and a brow lift to look good or look younger because this gorgeous person has low brows and she looks both good (more like gorgeous) and young! So the answer is something other than a browlift and an eyelift in most cases. What most all people really need is proper shaping that can be done with the YoungVitalizer. The brows and eyes need to be projected up and out and the light has to be restored. The brows cover the upper eyelids and so the upper eyelids need to over come the shadowing of the eyebrow. The way this is done is by shaping the upper eyelid and bringing the upper eyelid in a more forward position (out from the shadow of the brow)! For the eyebrows, they can be naturally rejuvenated by shaping them with correctly placed volume. Placed judiciously, the volume can be placed in the temple and forehead to elevate the eyebrow into a more natural position. Volume in the temple tends to lift the eyebrow outward and laterally, while volume in the forehead tends to lift them outward and upward. An example of this effect can be seen below in this before and after showing the browlifting effect of the YoungVitalizer. Notice that the upper eyelids have more lighting under the eyebrow. Also, note how the eyes are fuller and less concave and hollow in the afters: