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Botox | Dysport and why the YoungVitalizer can help you avoid using these products

Botox | Dysport and why the YoungVitalizer (Incision Less Botox | Dysport Long Lasting Alternative) can help you avoid using these products – Seattle | Bellevue:


The above picture shows what botox | dysport can do to soften the wrinkles in between the eyes.

What we are going to discuss is the benefits of dysport and botox and how the YoungVitalizer can be a better longer lasting alternative. Botox and Dysport is a neurotoxin that stuns the muscle to make the muscle unable to contract. The result is that you have improvement with your dynamic wrinkles. In the before and after above, the eyebrows are unable to move toward the middle part of the face or the area between the eyes. This leads to less wrinkling in the glabellar area, or the area between the eyes | eyebrows. This is great. The only issue is that dysport and botox only last for 3 months maybe a little longer. For this particular area, it could cost 250-350 dollars and this would need to be done 3-4 times a year. This could be expensive over time. The YoungVitalizer can help decrease your need to get botox and dysport. It does so by separating the skin from the muscles of the face so that there is some cushioning. Your muscles still work, they just have a harder time making the wrinkles in the skin because the YoungVitalizer creates a separation between them.  You can see our comparison chart to learn more about the Differences Between the YoungVitalizer | Traditional Procedures | Fillers by clicking here.