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Aging Process: A Paradigm Shift by the YoungVitalizer Team

Aging Process: A Paradigm Shift by the YoungVitalizer (The Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift) – Seattle | Bellevue:

During Dr. Young’s training in Los Angeles, he trained with some of the most famous surgeons who had operated on some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. During this time, he also noticed that some of the results were not as optimal as they could have been. Through the media, Face Lifts garnered some mixed opinions in the population. Facelifts were seen as unnatural and were often associated with a pulled and stretched look. Dr. Young saw this and wondered if the people with the most money and access were getting less than optimal results there might be something we could improve in what we were doing. Based on his time studying Facial Plastic Surgery, there seemed to be a lack of understanding with some of the most basic elements of our field, namely our ideas on Facial Beauty.  After years of research Dr. Young discovered a new theory on how people interpret beauty in one another. This culminated into the theory he coined, The Circles of Prominence: A New Theory on Facial Beauty.

The next important step for our developing the YoungVitalizer procedure was improved understanding of the aging process. This is the main topic for our page. In the past, Aging was thought to be brought on mostly by a dropping of our face. This lead to many of the traditional procedures which sought to decrease the tissues and lift the tissues straight up when possible. This is basically like taking a raisin and cutting away the convolutions to try to reach the youthful appearance of the grape:




When you try to take away the skin of the raisin to try to get it looking like a grape, a lot is lost. As you will find it is quite impossible to take away tissue from the raisin and make it look like a grape. The volume is smaller in the raisin and the appearance is a lot darker and not like the shiny and colorful grape.

Now I will try to demonstrate this in a real person:


This is an example of a person who had a lower blepharoplasty by another surgeon. Actually the results are pretty good. The bags are better and there is less skin. The main thing that we would like to improve with this patient would be to bring back the light.  As you can see in the before picture above there is light in the lower eyelid bag area but darkness below the light on the bag. This is a classic presentation of the aging eye. And this is a classic result from a lower eyelid blepharoplasty.  Based on these pictures, you can say that the before and afters are showing some positive results. But if you asked yourself whether this person looks younger here, you would likely say “no”. Something is missing. That something is light shining back at you. Based on our more advanced ideas, we believe that the missing element is light. Light reflecting back at you. Light reflecting to the person looking at you. How do you do this? Well we believe that you have to add some volume there to enhance certain objects on the face. Look at the picture below. In the cheek area under the eye, there is a strong presence of light and it is gradual from the lower eyelid to the cheek without sharp transitions.


Here is an example of us bringing back the light in the under eye area. Notice also how we brought the light back in the upper eyelid area as well. The YoungVitalizer Team has a team of doctors that have done many traditional procedures. It is through this extensive experience that we realized that other better alternatives need to be discovered. Our team of doctors and the YoungVitalizer team knows of no other procedure that can bring back the light and make some one look younger, better in a natural way than what we can do with the YoungVitalizer. If you see below, taking fat and skin from the upper and lower eyelid will clear tissue away but will have a very difficult time in bringing back the natural light that you see here:

The aging process can further be studied and we can further understand why traditional procedures were lacking in the past. You can see this demonstration by Dr. Young when he presented the YoungVitalizer on New Day Northwest with Mararet Larson by clicking this link. What you will see is that when a person ages from a grape to a raisin, the basic shift of movement for the tissues is inward and downward. Traditional procedures tend to move the face and tissues in an upward and backward direction. This ends up putting the tissues in the wrong place. In the video, you will see Dr. Young’s hands in the wrong position. This is the main reason why people look different after traditional procedures. Take a look at Joan Rivers:


Our goal is to avoid the unnatural look as much as possible. We want to bring the light back the way the grape used to be. Much of this can be accomplished with the YoungVitalizer with no incisions just minimally invasive injections to shape the most important elements of your face. Take a look at our comparison chart to see the differences between the YoungVitalizer, Traditional Procedures and Fillers by clicking here: Comparison Chart b/w YoungVitalizer | Traditional Procedures | Fillers.


Here is a video of a recent testimonial we had for the YoungVitalizer Procedure:

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