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Seattle Best Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Young Top 5 Finisher

Voted Best Plastic Surgeon for Western Washington 2014: Seattle | Bellevue’s Dr. Philip Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery is a Top 5 finisher!

We are so happy to announce that we were voted Best Plastic Surgeon for Seattle Bellevue Western Washington 2014 and finished in the Top 5. Dr. Philip Young and his Team here at Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Live and Breath the work we do. We are constantly meeting and discussing how to improve the care of our clients.

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2014 BEST Plastic SurgeonFinalist (#4 of 55)
2012 BEST Plastic SurgeonFinalist (#4 of 47)

Tips from Voters

I absolutely think Dr. Young is a fabulous doctor and does excellent care for his patients.

Sheryl F. ⋅ October 14, 2014

Being born a man I was always unhappy with the way my face looked. Every time I looked in a mirror I would see the same unhappy little boy. Lived most my life this way. Until I finally had the courage to get face surgery done. I found Dr.Young online and I’ve read that he had experience with male to female transexuals.This was my deal breaker. And so I set up a consultation. And been happy and confident ever since. Dr.Young did a fantastic job and always made sure I had no complications post surgery. He also gave me his contact info to get ahold of him if I had any problems,questions or concerns after my surgery. Which he always found the time to respond back promptly. This is just one of the many ways him and his staff made me feel so special and well cared for. They never judged me, but welcomed me with open arms and the biggest smiles ever,every time I came into the office. I highly recommend Dr.Young and his AMAZING staff. They really felt like my family when my family wasn’t there to support me.

Monica C. ⋅ October 9, 2014

best in the northwest!

Kristina T. ⋅ September 24, 2014


Lisa Z. ⋅ September 19, 2012

Dr.Philip Young is truly God send. He is dedicated to his patients and even replied back to me late one evening on his own time. How many Doctor’s do that? He is an exceptionally talented and skilled Surgeon who also listens very well and has excellent intuition. He has the best bedside manner and I am so grateful to God that I found him.

Michelle T. ⋅ September 19, 2012

Dr. Young really cares about his patients

Wm W. ⋅ September 18, 2012

I am slowly saving to get some botox and possibly fillers! I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things!

Kyle J. ⋅ September 12, 2012

Thanks to Dr. Philip Young . . . I look 10-15 years younger than people my age! All natural! Healthy & Fresh!

Becky T. ⋅ September 12, 2012

He is the best.

Eve H. ⋅ September 12, 2012

Awesome, welcoming service of the staff.

Daniel V. ⋅ September 11, 2012

I can’t but admire Dr Young, would recommend him to everybody without a doubt; he is a processional who works hard and loves what he does; he helps us to look amazing, feel great and impress the most..

Tetyana O. ⋅ September 11, 2012

been going to him for 10 years , he’s the best……my face looks great, thanks to him.

Robert M. ⋅ September 11, 2012

He takes his time to talk and explain things to you!

Wendy L. ⋅ September 11, 2012

I love Dr. Young! He does my Dysport and Restalyne and has for a few years. Everyone compliments my lips. Little do they know – I get them done! No duck lips. They are soft and perfect.

Wendy ⋅ September 11, 2012

Dr. Young has performed a lower facelift on me as well as numerous fillers and injections. All procedures have been perfect. At the end of this month, I will have his YoungVitalizer facelift to fill out my face where volume has been lost. I am 58, produce The NW Women’s Show and I

think Dr. Young is great.

Karen K. ⋅ September 11, 2012




hl911 ⋅ September 4, 2012

Dr. Young is a gentle, caring and highly competent plastic surgeon. He is innovative, creative and artistic in how he performs his surgeries. AJF Seattle

A.J.F. ⋅ October 23, 2014

Very personable, listens well to patient’s concerns and addresses them in a competent and friendly manner.

Dorothy M. ⋅ October 23, 2014

Dr. Young performed a minor surgery on me and was professional and helpful from start to finish. My next enhancement will definitely be from him!

Mack M. ⋅ October 22, 2014

look years younger….

Judy H. ⋅ October 21, 2014

He knows what he is doing

Gordon C. ⋅ October 14, 2014

He is the best !

Maria C. ⋅ September 24, 2014

The Best! I can hardly wait to get my eye injections. But want permanent fat injections in my eyes and I trust this office. I could go to any plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills as my daughter lives in California. But I choose Dr. Young.

Donna Y. ⋅ September 24, 2014

he truly cares about his patients ,I vote for MR Young his amazing and simply the best in the state of Wa God bless you.

Francisca P. ⋅ September 23, 2014

Dr. Young is professional, knowledgeable, always happy, and enjoyable to talk with.

Jerry I. ⋅ September 23, 2014

Abosolutely the best surgeon with an outstanding staff.

Sue I. ⋅ September 23, 2014

If you want the best surgeon in Seattle, go visit Dr. Young. He is caring, understanding, knowledgable, and compassionate person. He actual check up on his patients during his personal time off. I highly recommend Dr. Young to anyone.

Karen N. ⋅ September 22, 2014

He’s so compassionate and caring. He’s an incredible doctor and I’ve had great results!

Inga C. ⋅ September 22, 2014

Great credentials, experience, and skill. With results that look natural and healthy.

Miller S. ⋅ September 22, 2014

Dr.Young is awesome. He provides a comfortable yet confident environment and will do whatever he thinks is best for his patients. I recommend him over any other doctor in Seattle.

Eric M. ⋅ September 22, 2014

Personable, conservative, careful. Dr. Young makes sure you look refreshed and not ridiculous!

Karen K. ⋅ September 22, 2014

The most engaging and direct consultation. He offered options rather than just looking to make a profit. Love his staff! Great Office

Lisa A. ⋅ September 22, 2014

He’s treats you with respect and has great listening skills.

Sara V. ⋅ September 22, 2014

Personality with skills!

Liz T. ⋅ September 22, 2014

Great Communicator!

Carin C. ⋅ September 16, 2014

the one and only person i would trust!!!

Madi A. ⋅ September 16, 2014

I’ve never met a plastic surgeon who cares more for his patients!!!

Jennifer S. ⋅ September 16, 2014

the best and only the best!!!

Tryg S. ⋅ September 16, 2014

dr young is the best surgeon in Bellevue, WA. I would highly recommend visiting his office for improving your appearance. This is the only office to choose!

Tam N. ⋅ September 16, 2014

An amazing surgeon and an amazing human being

Brian J. ⋅ September 16, 2014


I’ve referred many clients to Dr. Young & have heard nothing but positive reviews.

Walter C. ⋅ September 16, 2014

Truly a brilliant surgeon, caring, compassionate, artistic. He is a surgeon’s surgeon.

R C. ⋅ September 15, 2014

Dr. Young is a caring professional with impeccable talent.

Robyn S. ⋅ September 15, 2014

Not only does Dr. Young have a very personal approach in answering all my questions and is very practical about what results I’d achieve. The staff is so polite and refreshing, from the first time I arrived I felt like I had new friends. I love the results of my’s


Connie Mulholland Connie’s Pet Peeves Grooming ⋅ September 15, 2014

Great honest doctor who gives great care and concern to his patients. Highly recommend him!

Angela Y. ⋅ September 15, 2014

When you want the best you have to go to the best. Settle for no less than Dr. Young!

Kevin K. ⋅ September 15, 2014

Love my lips!

Alexandria C. ⋅ September 11, 2013

The best is in Bellevue…of course!

Michael H. ⋅ September 30, 2012

best ever!

Jen C. ⋅ September 6, 2012

I’ve twice experience his perfection and amazing competence. What a gift to his patients!

Margaret Hostetter ⋅ September 26, 2011

Great Doctor makes you feel involve and like a team not just one sided. Great listener.

William K. ⋅ September 13, 2011


Denise B. ⋅ September 13, 2011

THE BEST!!!Denise B. ⋅ September 13, 2011

YAY! Go Dr. Young!

Tasha K. ⋅ September 6, 2011

Dr. Young is the BEST!!!

jyc987 ⋅ September 2, 2011

voted Best PlasticSurgeon… doctor……

Eva H. ⋅ September 1, 2011


Eunje K. ⋅ September 1, 2011

definitely the BEST doctor!!

Gloria F. ⋅ September 1, 2011

He’s #1!

VictoriaYangChan ⋅ September 1, 2011

Phil has a heart of gold and undeniable talent.

Miriam S. ⋅ September 1, 2011

Philip Young MD

T123456 ⋅ August 31, 2011