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Here are a list of Resources for you to help you in the whole process:

  1. Before and After Photos: See Our Before and After Photos
  2. Careers and Employment Opportunities: Find out about our Career Opportunities here at the YoungVitalizer
  3. Consultation Process: Learn more about Our Consultation Process
  4. Consultation Process For Out of Town Guests: Learn more about Our Consultation Process for our guests from all around the world.
  5. Different Levels of Anesthesia: Read more about the Anesthesia Options and the different levels that we have and can tailor for you.
  6. Friends of the YoungVitalizer Team: This is a link to our page of people and groups that are our Friends
  7. General Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures: Find out about the other Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures that we do.
  8. Giving and Philanthropy: Give back to the community around you!
  9. Hotels | Caretakers | Things to do: Find our how to get here with our Maps and Directions Page.
  10. Maps and Directions: Find our how to get here with our Maps and Directions Page.
  11. Wound Care Scar Prevention: Here are some more specifics on Wound Care and Scar Prevention

We want the best for you. Dr Young always maintains, as much as possible, an open door policy to help people. Even if you were to decide to go to another doctor for the same procedure, Dr Young would always welcome you to email or call our office any time for help. Click here to contact us: Contact the YoungVitalizer Team.

Click Here to Learn More About the YoungVitalizer. We have a video on this page that also introduces some of the basic concepts of the YoungVitalizer on New Day Northwest.