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Face Lift Procedures

Face Lift Procedures: Renew, Restore, Revitalize

Have you compared a present day photo of yours with a photo dated 15 or 20 years ago? What have you noticed? Sure you don’t look Face Lift Proceduresthe same – but what exactly is it that makes you look that different from your younger image? The way you age is a combination of so many factors: It’s the lines that appear when you smile or frown; it is a loss of skin and muscle tone, a loss of actual volume, it is also a thinning of the skin that covers the facial muscles.

The fact is that you probably cannot put a finger on exactly what it is that makes your face so unlike your younger self. Your slowly aging face could subtly be affecting your sense of self worth and your self confidence. So should you do something about this? Can you? Will you be able to effectively and naturally combat the signs of aging that each of us do inevitably encounter?

With his extensive training, vast experience and very talented eye, Dr Phillip Young can help you identify exactly what is causing your skin to appear more mature. He can help you reverse the ravages of time in the least invasive, most effective and natural looking way.

A breakthrough in facial cosmetic surgery

As someone who concentrates only on facial cosmetic surgery, Dr Young has spent a very long time trying to understand the process of aging. He has identified some very specific reasons why we look older: it isn’t just the fact that after a while the face starts to lose the battle with gravity; there is also a loss of volume in our facial features. The skin and muscles not only sag, they also become thinner, robbing the face of its youthful fullness. This changes the way light falls on our face; on the way that our face lights up.

Dr. Young has also worked hard to identify why so many other face lift procedures tend to look unnatural and why so many of them just go horribly wrong. While traditional face lift procedures tend to pull the skin up and in, he has a different approach. Dr. Young looks to move the facial tissue up and outward to exactly counter the impacts of aging. This is a method that many cosmetic surgeons with a modern approach now second.

How YoungVitalizer is different

Another disadvantage of traditional facelifts is that they are invasive. They require surgical incisions, general anesthetic, stitches. In addition to pain, there is a significant recovery time involved. There may be redness, swelling and, at times, scarring. Typically one would be required to stay indoors for the duration of recovery or until the redness, puffiness and swelling have gone down. There could also be a significant chance of complications or infection. The more invasive the surgery, the higher are the chances of something going wrong.

His highly effective, safe and minimally invasive procedure – The YoungVitalizer – helps you restore your face to its youthful past by using breakthrough, non-invasive, incision-free technology that gives much more natural looking results. Because if everyone can see that you had work done, there is really very little point in it!

To avert all of the possible problems involved in traditional facial cosmetic procedures, Dr Young offers a wide range of procedures depending upon individual requirements and assessments.

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