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mid face lift

Mid Face Lift – What Is It and Is It For You?

In recent times, the mid face lift has achieved a lot of popularity, because it claims to address some of the issues that a traditional facelift may not. This is also perceived as a less involved and complex surgical procedure than a face lift which is drastic surgery. The recovery time is also shorter, claim proponents.

What is a Mid Face Lift?

mid face liftWith age, the cheeks start to not only sag, but they also tend to lose volume and become flatter, giving a more masculine appearance to a female face. Lines and furrows form beneath the eyes, the dark circles become darker and deeper, lines that bracket the mouth and lips become deeper and more pronounced. As the name suggests this surgery targets the middle of the face or the cheeks area next to the lips and beneath the eyes.

A mid facelift is supposed to rejuvenate the face using a less invasive procedure than a regular face lift. It is supposed to give you that smooth lower eyelid that flows into the cheekbone naturally. Many people who opt for this type of face lift may be in their 30’s and 40’s – they may not want a full face lift but may want only a more youthful appearance or a less “operated” look.

Not all doctors agree that a mid face lift is able to do all that it claims to do. Many like to underplay the risks involved in the procedure and give the impression that this is a less invasive procedure than a full face lift.

However many experts claim otherwise, particularly those who are highly experienced with the newest procedures. In fact this procedure is thought to be a very delicate and complex procedure and the risk involved outweigh the possible advantages. Those considering the procedure have to understand that this is very real surgery with its attendant risks, recovery times and chances of complications.

How is a Mid Face Lift Done?

For this surgery the surgeon makes several incisions along the hair line and inside the mouth in order to reposition the fat deposits under the skin. The fatty tissues are lifted and repositioned. In theory this is a less serious surgery that supposedly is easier to recover from.

The truth however is that the downtime for the mid facelift is about the same as that for a full facelift. It also carries the same risks as any major surgery – the procedure may not turn out as expected, there is risk of infection, bleeding, scarring and other complications such as nerve damage. There is pain, redness, inflammation and swelling after the surgery and recovery takes at least a week.

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