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Mid Facelift Concerns

Concerns You May Have About Mid Face Lift Surgery

If you’re considering getting mid face lift surgery you will rightly have several concerns about the procedure and the surgeon. This is after all real surgery with attendant risks. It is your own face that you will entrust into the care of someone else – you want to be absolutely sure that your trust is not misplaced. So what can you do to minimize the risk associated with a mid-face lift procedure?

Why should you only consider a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon for your mid face lift surgery?

Mid Face lift SurgeryOne of the first things you should look at is the credentials of the surgeon you’re considering.  As the largest plastic surgery specialty organization in the world, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), issues certifications that a surgeon is qualified to perform the mid-face lift surgery or whichever procedure you’re considering.

By opting for a board certified surgeon such as Dr Young (who is double board certified and leads a team of certified experts), you know that you’re picking an expert in the field. You’re putting your face in the hands of someone who will prevent emergencies as far as possible; and will be able to handle an emergency in the rare case that one does occur. Board certification denotes technical skill and the capability for performing complex operations as well as sound aesthetic judgment – vitally important when picking a plastic surgeon.

Are there any conditions where mid face lift surgery is covered by Insurance?

The rule of thumb is that insurance will not cover any elective cosmetic procedures or surgeries, including mid facelift surgery. In general, procedures that are not required for medical or health reasons will not be covered by insurance.

However there could be some exceptions to this. Conditions such as paralysis or congenital deformity could in cases require surgery, in which case the insurance company may cover such procedures. If the procedure is medically indicated after some injury or accident, some insurance companies may cover the procedure. However conditions typically apply and terms may differ significantly from one to another insurance company or service provider.

Does mid face lift surgery leave any scarring?

This type of surgery, when performed by a well experienced surgeon on the right candidate will leave no scarring. Usually the incisions are made within the hair line, or inside the mouth, or on the inside of the lower eyelid, depending upon the route that the doctor decides to take. So if all goes well, there is no reason why there should be any visible scarring after full healing.

It also has to be understood that not everyone is the right candidate for mid-face lift procedures. A person’s age, skin tone, overall health, medical conditions if any and long term medications could impact suitability.

If you’re wondering whether you’re a good candidate for mid face lift surgery you can get in touch for a consultation where Dr Young and his team will make an assessment based on your particular case. You will also get an idea of what to expect from the procedure, typical healing and recovery times and what your expectations realistically should be.