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Jaw Implants and The YoungVitalizer

Jaw Implants are another way of adding volume to the lower third or bottom of the face. Some people just have a lack of volume in this area and could use an implant here. If you have enough native tissue, most of the time we won’t consider Jaw Implants. But if you are looking tissue, we could consider this to help your overall appearance by adding volume to the lateral part of the jaw with silicone lateral jaw implants. This procedure is done through the mouth and we have a nice video of this on our website and the specific link is here: Which you can copy and paste in the URL section of your web browser. We think this approach and procedure has helped many people who need volume in the lateral jaw area. You can read some reviews about these implants here: Jaw Implant Reviews Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery | Seattle | Bellevue.