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Giving Back

Do you know someone with extraordinary need?

Dr. Young will see and offer complimentary procedures for those people who have suffered from birth defects, domestic violence, injuries or scars caused by trauma, or people in need of cosmetic procedures who can demonstrate an extraordinary need. If you know someone who might qualify, please share your story, email or call.

Young man shot in the face for not being a gang member

Meet S.T. who was shot in the face at point blank range. S.T. tells us about his encounter with gang members while hanging out in his front yard. One of the gang members walked up to him and asked if he was in a gang. He answered “no” but was still shot by them in the face. He tells about his amazing story and how Dr. Young helped him look normal again.

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M.B. tells of feeling different since she was young
She longed for a change in her life. She talks about her abusive relationship as another reason for her desire for change in this Plastic Surgery Brow Lift / Rhinoplasty Testimonial

Dr. Young takes great pride in doing Humanitarian cases. For some, the price is significantly reduced to allow people to afford services. Along with his Pro Bono work, Dr. Young  participates in different philanthropic events. More Plastic Surgery Philanthropy

Changing the Face of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Young is a vital force changing the facial plastic surgery industry. His YoungVitalizer procedure is at the forefront of a new wave of safer, less invasive procedures for facial plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons are flocking to the new “filler” solutions because of new concepts such as Dr. Young’s award-winning “Circles of Prominence” theory published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

As an industry leader, he stresses that his technique of using the patients own tissue is a more natural approach. “My concepts are having a positive effect on the industry by giving people a natural alternative,” comments Dr. Young.

He pioneered a method of harvesting a person’s own high quality, natural tissues, and injecting them in strategic points in the face to smooth wrinkles and fill creases that make people look older. This method is more effective in holding shape longer according to Dr. Young.

Facial Plastic Surgery is a highly specialized medical field. It is advisable to choose a specialist in face and neck surgery, so you know you are getting expert care specific to delicate facial features.

“I’m seeing more patients who are worried about competing with younger applicants in the tight job market,” says Dr. Young, who also donates procedures to help victims of domestic violence. “Reconstructive surgery and the YoungVitalizer procedure are the most rewarding parts of my practice. It makes me feel good to help other people feel happier and more confident.”