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Features and Benefits of the YoungVitalizer

Here is also a pdf version: Features and Benefits of the YoungVitalizer. You can also click here to learn more about the Benefits of Beauty and the YoungVitalizer (pdf version)


            Features:                          Benefits:


The YoungVitalizer is based on Dr. Philip Young’s Theory on Facial Beauty
This gives our team an
incredible advantage in getting
the most beautiful and natural
results available
The YoungVitalizer requires no facial incisions

There is less pain, less post
procedure care, no need for
removal of sutures in the face,
and less scarring

The YoungVitalizer can be done under intravenous sedation without general anesthesia

You can have less nausea, less
complications, and a faster

The YoungVitalizer is based on new thoughts on aging and reverses aging the way it occurred

You can look more natural and
avoid the operated look. This
will allow you to receive the
benefits of beauty more.

The YoungVitalizer is less invasive using only injections and no cutting approaches

Your risks for complications,
nerve damage, infections, and
scarring will be vastly reduced.

The YoungVitalizer is more affordable than traditional procedures

You can rejuvenate and improve
most all areas of your face.
Compared to traditional
procedures you can save 10-
30000 dollars or more.

The YoungVitalizer can be tailored to your needs for how much rejuvenation you want and how long your recovery will be

Everyone’s lives are different
and you can choose (general
speaking because our bodies
are different) how much
improvement you want and
how long your recovery will be.

The YoungVitalizer reverses the aging in your skin in the way it occurred.

Your skin can improve through
the YoungVitalizer better than
any other skin care products,
plastic surgery method or
procedure that we currently

The YoungVitalizer can last as long as any other traditional procedure

You can have the benefits of
beauty for as long as traditional
procedures and you can look
more natural and better than
what traditional procedures can