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FAQ – The YoungVitalizer, Breakthrough Incision-Less Facelift: Many questions are answered below in this Frequently Asked Questions Section (FAQ) on Costs | Results | Recovery. If you don’t find your answer here you can go to The YoungVitalizer Contact Page to ask a question that will go directly to Dr. Philip Young. Click here to learn about the unique Features and Benefits of the YoungVitalizer (pdf version) or to learn about the Benefits of Beauty and the YoungVitalizer (pdf version).

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Why choose the YoungVitalizer over other cosmetic | plastic surgery procedures?

Traditional cosmetic | plastic surgery procedures are based on reductive type of approaches that reduce the tissues from the face and neck. This approach can remove extra skin and tissue but there are many times that these approaches can leave people looking unnatural. The YoungVitalizer is an answer to these points. We liken the aging process like the process of a grape changing into a raisin. Older more traditional techniques concentrated on making the raisin into a contorted smaller grape. Often times, you are left with an odd and “operated” look. The YoungVitalizer strives to avoid these appearances and our goal is to rejuvenate you in a natural way. People will think you look like you’ve had the best sleep in years, you look refreshed and feeling good in a natural way. Why not look like a breath of fresh air in a natural way with a more minimally invasive approach to facial rejuvenation?

If you are considering a face lift, brow lift, eye lift, mid face lift | cheek lift, lip fillers, lip lifts, cheek implants, chin implants, or any other facial rejuvenation procedure, you might want to consider the YoungVitalizer. The YoungVitalizer is the minimally invasive incision-less face lift alternative. You can learn more about the YoungVitalizer here: Introduction to the YoungVitalizer Procedure. This procedure is based on Award Winning Dr. Philip Young’s Theory on Facial Beauty.

How is the YoungVitalizer Procedure Performed ?

The procedure is performed through a process of shaping your face through injections. We shape your face to rejuvenate and lift your face in a natural way. More of the details of this procedure can be discussed with you. Below you will see before and afters that show how the entry points heal after The YoungVitalizer. Essentially, the entry points have healed imperceptibly. You can see with the green arrows where the entry points were made in the second picture.

The pictures below shows where some of the entry points are used to shape your face. To see close ups of how they have healed in this particular patient you can see this page where you can Learn more about the YoungVitalizer.

What type of anesthesia do you use?

The YoungVitalizer does not require the use of general anesthesia. So this procedure is a lot safer. We perform the YoungVitalizer with IV sedation with our own technique. Click here for our YoungVitalizer Anesthesia Page. We also use local anesthesia for the areas that we are working on. In combination, you will very comfortable during the whole process. In fact, you will very likely not remember a single thing from the procedure. Our office surgical suite is AAAHC certified. See our YoungVitalizer AAAHC page by clicking here.

How much does the YoungVitalizer Cost?

The YoungVitalizer procedure can be done in the whole face and neck to rejuvenate all of those areas. The procedure can be done in place of a brow lift, upper eye lift, lower eye lift, lip augmentation, face lift, mid face lift, chin lift / augmentation, lip lift, etc. Imagine getting all of these traditional procedures to rejuvenate your face. With all of those procedures, you would likely spend over $40000 or more. Compared to all of these traditional procedures, the YoungVitalizer is remarkably affordable. The cost of the YoungVitalizer depends on how many areas of the face that you do. The more areas the more the cost will be. Our patient care coordinators can go over these prices with you when you come in. Because everyone is different it is difficult to give pricing over the phone. We require that you come in to find out the pricing because we would need to evaluate you in more detail, and in person to be able to do this effectively.

How do I set up a consultation?

Our patient care coordinators will be able to help you with this and make the whole process very easy. You can reach us via phone 425-990-3223 (FACE), or email. Since we have many patients that come from out of town, we can facilitate setting up a Virtual Consultation with our YoungVitalizer Team. For the virtual consultation, we will show you how to take the 5 basic photos that will help us in the consultation process. We can even do the consultation through a web cam and with Skype.

What is the recovery process like?

The YoungVitalizer is a minimally invasive incision-less face lift alternative to facial rejuvenation. The YoungVitalizer does not require incisions on the face to carry out the procedure. The discomfort after the procedure is minimal. In fact, when we prescribe discomfort medications, our clients typically take 1-2 pills and the rest of the doses go to waste. Most of the recovery is with the swelling and bruising which is highly dependent on how much you do and to what extent. Usually most of this goes away by one week, but this is dependent on your genetics, how you take care of yourself after the procedure, how well you avoid blood thinners prior to your procedure, your current state of health, your age, what other procedures that are being done in conjunction, how many areas we will do the YoungVitalizer, how much tissue we put in, etc. In general, the less you do the faster the recovery. So you can have a choice in this. We will sit down with you to go over all of the procedure and where and how much we will volumize in detail. Most of the swelling will go down that first week. From previous research, your healing will be about 60-70% complete at about 6 weeks, and 80-90% at 6 months.

How do I prepare for the YoungVitalizer Procedure?

See Preparation for the YoungVitalizer. We also have a care package for you to read that will help you. Here is a link to our care package:

YoungVitalizer Care Package

If you have any questions regarding preparing for your procedure, you can email or call us anytime 425-990-3223. You can also click here to reach The YoungVitalizer Contact Page. Each of our staff have their own individual emails and we check these multiple times in a day. You are welcome to have any team member\’s email at any time. Emailing us questions is a convenient way to get them answered.

Is the YoungVitalizer for me specifically?

Volume loss plays a huge part in the aging process. Every person who ages will have some volume that they can have replaced to make them look better. This statement even applies to someone who is more on the overweight state. Because of these points, the YoungVitalizer can really benefit anyone. If you are overweight, the YoungVitalizer procedure will need to be more judiciously tailored to fit your needs. We would do the YoungVitalizer in such a way that your face will not look more overweight. If you are underweight, volume and the YoungVitalizer will do a lot for your rejuvenation process and transformation. If you are someone that is very thin, then the question becomes whether we can even do the YoungVitalizer. To summarize this answer though, the YoungVitalizer can be tailored to fit almost any person and their individual characteristics.

What is the best age for the YoungVitalizer?

This procedure can benefit any person at any age that is in a state of some amount of volume depletion. From an aging standpoint, a person as early as someone in their 30\’s could benefit from the YoungVitalizer. The aging process starts really from the point that you stop growing and even earlier. Volume changes take place very early on in our lives. When you take a look at someone who is in their teens, you will see changes in this person when they reach the 20\’s, 30\’s and so on. Whether the YoungVitalizer is for you will really depend on what your own thoughts are about your age, how you look, and how you would like to look.

What do people look like after the YoungVitalizer?

The YoungVitalizer goal in facial rejuvenation is to transform your aged appearance to something that you had year ago, something natural, something that doesn\’t look “operated” on. The planning process is important and we will get a lot of ideas on how you want to look from you. We will also gather as much information about how we will perform the YoungVitalizer through our discussion in the presence of your photos of yourself when you were between the ages of 10-20. To get more of an idea of how you will look, it may be important to see our before and after photographs of people who had the YoungVitalizer done before.

This person had the YoungVitalizer all throughout the face. She wished to have less of the procedure done around the upper eyelids as she felt that this area of her face looked okay. One thing that might be worth pointing out is the effect that the YoungVitalizer has on the skin. This patient\’s skin is much improved and over the course of 1-5 years after the procedure, the skin will look even better through the rejuvenation of the tissue that we use to volumize your face, the physical separation of the skin from your facial muscles, etc.

How long does the YoungVitalizer Last?

This is a very common question. When we see people back we notice that the results at 3 months are what you can expect for long term results. When we bring people back at one year the results are about the same as they were at 3 months. After 3 months your results will decrease gradually and slowly over time. You can generally expect the results to last anywhere from 8-15 years. But these numbers are variable. You will notice a general decrease in your volumizing just as you would normally age from that 3 month point until 8-15 years later. Some people then feel that a face lift is more permanent. Hence, many people conclude that face lifts last longer than a filler procedure like the YoungVitalizer. That is not true. There are some studies out, most recently 2010 in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, that face lifts last around 8-10 years. One study showed that people were likely to get another face lift 8-10 years later. Of the people who have had face lifts before in our office, when they come in wanting something done 8-10 years later, we have noticed that they probably could have had something done a long time ago. Our point is that a face lift likely doesn\’t last 8-10 years anyway. The other thing to think about is whether you want the results from a face lift in the first place. A large part of aging is a volume loss. You change from a grape to a raisin. Face lifting and traditional procedures, tighten the skin of the raisin to make you look like a smaller raisin and not the grape you once were. It is the goal of the YoungVitalizer to make you look like the grape that you once were, younger in a natural way.

I have heard that volumizing procedures can leave lumps and bumps. How likely is that and what are the things that go into the YoungVitalizer that will avoid these issues?

Lumps and bumps can possibly occur with almost anything you do in plastic surgery. It is much less common with the YoungVitalizer. When we volumize your face, we avoid having these issues by adding very small amounts of tissue to your face and also spreading it out. The chances are much less common with this approach. We have special techniques to avoid this which keeps these issues more of a rare occurrence. We will go over the process for considering any corrections for lumps and bumps but suffice it to say that the chances of having this are less than 1%.