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Face Lift Cost – And What You Can Expect for Your Money

There are various aspects that determine face lift cost and expenses. What sort of face lift do you opt for? Remember it’s all about nomenclature – various procedures are categorized as “face lift”. You need to be clear what exactly constitutes a face lift and what procedure or procedures you will actually be undergoing.  Not only are there various different procedures, there are sub types, personal requirements and the surgeons own modifications to take into account.


Factors that determine face lift cost

Will it be a full face lift; a surgical procedure or non surgical? What other procedures do you intend to undergo along with that? Costs will also be determined by where the surgeon operates from – larger cities and pricier neighborhoods mean that the doctor’s overheads are higher too.

Most importantly, your face lift cost will be determined by the talent, expertise, experience, skill and reputation of the plastic surgeon. You may be able to get ‘great deals’ and ‘discount packages’ from some places, but you need to remember that you get what you pay for. When you’re comparing prices, you need to compare apples with apples and not apples with pears. That’s to say that you need to take into account all of the above factors and also one more – your comfort level – before you make up your mind whether the service justifies the cost.

What is the cost of face lift surgery?

Some face lift procedures may cost as little as $5000 – experts recommend that these be viewed with some skepticism. Either they don’t deliver what they promise, or the surgeon lacks requisite qualifications or is a newbie looking to practice on your face – you would do well to steer well clear of all of these.

A face lift cost when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon along with proper medical faculties, an experienced anesthetist in attendance could be $10,000 but could also go up to about $25,000/- in some cases.

However as anyone with experience of cosmetic surgery will tell you, the cost of the procedure is really secondary. There are so many other considerations that are probably more important. The doctor’s qualifications, skill and experience are of course paramount considerations.

There is also the trust factor – you need to be able to trust yourself in the hands of your doctor, knowing that you are in safe hands; that your doctor understands what you want. You need to know that you can trust the surgeon’s evaluation and their plan of action for you.

And through all of this, you need to keep your expectations realistic. A reputed and trustworthy surgeon will clarify exactly what you should expect so that you don’t expect miracles or suffer any disappointments later.

How to Manage the Cost of Face Lift Surgery

Few or no insurance company will pay for cosmetic surgery unless it is reconstructive surgery that is required after a disfiguring accident or injury. So you need to carefully consider your own finances and prioritize your expenses to make provisions for the face lift cost. Some surgeons may help you manage the costs if they have a tie up with a financer or if they offer credit options.

There is also a non-invasive incision-free alternative available that give more natural looking results. Click here to schedule a free consultation with Dr Philip Young and understand the best options for your face. It is, after all, your first impression on the world!