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Post Procedure

YoungVitalizer Day After the Procedure and the Post Procedure Process: Presented by Dr. Philip Young & The YoungVitalizer Team:

After your procedure: we will have one of doctors call you, or have you call them, in the evening. This will give you and your caretaker another opportunity to ask more questions and to review the post procedure care instructions. We will usually prescribe to you a pain medication, an antibiotic, and an anti-nausea medication to have with you. You can always call us if you have questions on these precriptions. You should start the antibiotic as soon as you can after your procedure. With the pain medication, we will likely administer one or two to you shortly after your procedure is completed to help you maintain a comfortable post procedure state. Our team of nurses, doctors and surgical technicians will go over these medications with you. The antibiotics are to be taken at regular intervals and finished completely. But the pain and anti-nausea medication should be taken on an as needed basis. We will have your caretaker record the dates, times, and amounts given of each medication for you to keep track of what you have received. We will give you a sheet to help you in this recording process.

You will need to clean the locations that are used to harvest the tissue and the locations that are used to place the tissue. We highly encourage you to follow the directions on the post procedure instructions. Here is a link to that instruction packet:

YoungVitalizer Specific Post Procedure Instructions

The better you clean those locations the better they will heal (the more imperceptible they will appear later on).

Our follow up process will include these times:

Day One after your procedure: We will review the post procedure care instructions and the process with you. We will check the areas that we worked on and make sure that everything looks like they are proceeding as expected. We will check your medications and how you are administering them.

Between Day One and Six: We may bring you back additional days in between Day One and Day Six After your Procedure if you have questions (not routine). You are always welcome to call us any time during normal business hours or through our emergency lines. You will also have access to all of our team’s emails including the doctors. We want you to know that you can find help if you need it! During this period, we would also like to receive a picture of you and how you are healing every day for at least the first week./p>

Day Six after your procedure: This is the day that we will take out any small sutures that we use where we harvest the tissue. We will further follow up on your appearance and address further questions that you may have.

The next days that we bring you back for more follow up are:

  • One month after your procedure
  • Three months after your procedure
  • Six months after your procedure
  • One year after your procedure
  • Then every year

Click Here to Learn More About the YoungVitalizer. We have a video on this page that also introduces some of the basic concepts of the YoungVitalizer on New Day Northwest.