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Out of Town Patients

Out-of-Town Patients

All over the world All walks of life. Bellevue | Seattle’s The YoungVitalizer Team &  Dr. Philip Young Presents our Consultation Process for our Out of Town Patients.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help you look healthy and younger by providing the ultimate in quality medical care. Dr. Young, the surgeons and our medical teams strive to be available for patients at all times. Our Plastic Surgery Consultation Process for YoungVitalizer begins when you first call us.

Our initial free virtual consultation by phone or Skype means you have the best advice in real time, wherever you are.

Initial Consultation
The phone consultation begins with our patient care coordinator answering your questions and preparing you for the consult with the doctor. During the consultation with our physicians, we will listen and personalize our approach to fit your needs. To help us in this process, we ask that you take 5 basic photos for us to be able to assess your desires and answer your questions. We can even set up a video conference consultation through Skype. You will need to be set up on Skype and have a web cam attached to your computer.

Next, we will set up a pre-procedure appointment that can also be done over the phone and/or Skype. After your consultation, you’ll get access to our doctor’s and patient care coordinator’s emails. They check several times a day to assure that your questions are answered.

The initial consultation is free if you sign up with us online and then book a procedure. We do ask for an initial consultation fee that applies to any procedure you wish. We ask that you give us at least 24-hour notice of cancellation. If we are not given at least 24-hour notice, you may be charged the consultation fee which would not be applicable to services. Our patient care coordinators are personally trained by Dr. Young and our top surgeons to make sure you are getting the highest quality attention.

Email us Anytime

Paperwork to prepare for your first appointment:

If you complete the forms ahead of time we’ll be able to help you much faster. Better yet, email these documents to us and we’ll be a step ahead. If you are from out of town, we’ll be happy to set up a phone consultation.

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    Pre-Procedure Consultation

    Once your procedure has been scheduled, we bring you back approximately 2 weeks prior, for a pre-procedure consultation. This is to discuss the type of anesthesia that best suits your personal needs and give you our special Care Package with instructions. You also get access to the doctor’s personal office email that is checked multiple times a day. Any question is welcome!
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    Medications to Avoid.
    Different Levels of Anesthesia

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    The Day of Your Procedure

    On the day of your procedure, your physician will review your personal case with you. Our doctors will go over all the areas of the face to discuss where we are going to shape your face. This allows you to have some input into how we approach each area. We will review the plan that was set up initially during the pre-procedure appointment to make sure we have the very best plan for you. We will go over some of the same things we went over during your pre procedure appointment. This will ensure your safety and greater results from the YoungVitalizer. After the procedure, we will have our nurses and ancillary staff go over all of the post procedure instructions with you and your caretaker (our care package will also have this information). We recommend you read through the pre-procedure and post-procedure paperwork beforehand. We will go over them with you and your caretaker before and after your procedure.
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    Post-Procedure Care

    Our doctors will personally call you in the evening to check on you to be sure you have all your questions answered. During this evening call, our physicians will also speak with your caretaker and answer any questions they have. For most of our procedures, we will also have you come back the following day so a physician can make sure you and your caretaker are doing well.
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