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To the YoungVitalizer, The Breakthrough Incision-Less Facelift Dr. Philip Young and The YoungVitalizer Team:

Get better, more longer lasting results with this new much less invasive approach:
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The YoungVitalizer is a natural facial rejuvenation procedure. It is not a facelift. It requires no facial incisions, no general anesthesia, and, when compared to traditional procedures, is associated with much less discomfort. The YoungVitalizer is a procedure that shapes the most important elements of your face to create highlights that bring the beauty within your face. The YoungVitalizer and its process of shaping is guided by Dr. Young’s Award Winning Theory on Facial Beauty. If you are interested in setting up a consultation you can email or call us (425.990.3223) at any point during your reading about the YoungVitalizer. You can click here to Learn More about the YoungVitalizer. You can also find out more about consultation process here:

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Incision Less Face Lift Consultation Process

Traditionally, Plastic Surgery has concentrated on the removal of tissue to achieve facial rejuvenation. This approach has always entailed using long incisions, possibly drains, sutures, and also involved a lot of recovery time. As we mentioned before, the process of aging is predominately a loss of volume. We change from a grape to a raisin, so to speak. Traditional reductive procedures that have been praticed by Plastic Surgeons tended to make the raisin into a smaller raisin. This resulted often times in making people look differently from how they were when they were younger. Here is an example of a lower eyelid lift that was used to remove bags and skin from the lower eyelid.

Notice that the bags are reduced as well as some of the extra skin. But she doesn’t necessarily look younger after the lower eyelid blepharoplasty | eyelift. This is how 90% of Plastic Surgeons typically approach the lower eyelid. With this technique there can be many issues with recovery. The lower eyelid lift can be fraught with much more issues than what the YoungVitalizer could do for this area. These lifting techniques often entailed removing a lot of skin and fat from the lower eyelid. Complications were common including droopy eyes, hollowed eye look, problems closing the eye, and scarring to name a few. The YoungVitalizer entails no incisions in the face and is associated with much less complications. The results are more natural and more in line with reversing the process of aging. These observations are based on my performance of more than 1200 traditional facelift | eyelift | necklift procedures.

As I mentioned earlier, older procedures typically require much longer incisions as shown below. This often leads to a lot more discomfort and you have to spend a good deal of time caring for your incisions. Drains are required which frequently need significant post procedure care. Scarring can occur. In general, the occurance of complications are significantly higher after traditional procedures.

With the YoungVitalizer, all that is needed are small injection sites that usually heal imperceptibly. Below is a picture showing where the injections can be positioned (shown in green). We don’t necessarily use all of these injections sites. We only use the ones we need for the different areas of the face.

The following pictures show how the injection sites have healed at 2 months. Essentially, as you will see the injection sites are very hard to detect, if not impossible.

Notice in the following before and afters the hollowing in the upper eyelids that are filled in to result in a youthful, more volumized upper eyelid. The lower eyelids are also much improved in the afters with the marked decrease in the dark circles and hollowness. In the bigger picture (a gestalt) her eyes show more vitality, health and youth. The next procedure that she could benefit from would be a laser resurfacing to improve her skin’s texture, tone, and wrinkles (they are improved with the YoungVitalizer but can be further improved with laser resurfacing). These improvements that you see are not attainable, in our opinion, with traditional procedures that take away tissue. The way to achieve these results are through the YoungVitalizer in a volumetric way.