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Day of Procedure

Preparing for The YoungVitalizer for The Day of the Procedure by Dr. Philip Young and The YoungVitalizer Team:

YoungVitalizer, Incision Less Face Lift Day Before: On the day before your procedure, we usually ask you to drink 64 ounces of Gatorade, or something with solutes (v-8, coconut water and not just water) 6 hours before your procedure. We then ask you to refrain from eating or drinking 6 hours before your procedure. You should also bring all of your own personal medications and also the medications that we prescribe to you on the day of the procedure. We would like to review these with you and also double check that the pharmacist has written them correctly. You should have your caretaker accompany you and we will have you and your caretaker sign the caretaker form: click here to see the actual form Caretaker Form. We require that you have someone with you for 24 hours after your procedure.

YoungVitalizer, Face Lift Alternative Procedure Day: Near the beginning of this procedure day, we will have your caretaker read through all of the post procedure instructions. This will prepare them so that they are ready to take care of you after your procedure. It is best to have them read these instructions during the 2 weeks before the procedure. Doing so, will give them more time to write or call us with additional questions. You will also have more opportunities to ask questions regarding your post procedure care. We will go over these instructions immediately after the procedure as well for further clarification.

Our nurses will then go over a series of questions to further make sure that you are ready for the procedure. Their pre admit form will be started during the pre procedure appointment 2 weeks prior and will finish it up on this particular day. We will have you change into a patient gown and we’ll give you more details on this when this time comes.

The doctor will then go over your medical history again, confirm the receipt of any medical / hernia clearances, etc. We will go over your plan for your YoungVitalizer in further detail. This will allow you to voice any concerns or new changes to the plan before we actually do the procedure. It is important for you to bring in your photos of you when you were between the ages of 10-20. If there are other photos that you believe will help us in the transformation, you can bring them with you to help you further illustrate your ideas and desires.

After this we will then bring you back to the procedure room. We are AAAHC certified which is one of the highest degree of standards for an office with a surgical room. You can see our YoungVitalizer AAAHC certification Page by clicking this link and also visit their website, AAAHC. We will then start your intravenous line and allow you to smoothly get into a relaxed state.

Here is Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery’s letter of Accreditation by the AAAHC:

We want the best for you. Dr Young always maintains, as much as possible, an open door policy to help people. Even if you were to decide to go to another doctor for the same procedure, Dr Young would always welcome you to email or call our office any time for help.

Click Here to Learn More About the YoungVitalizer. We have a video on this page that also introduces some of the basic concepts of the YoungVitalizer on New Day Northwest.