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How Much Is a Facelift?

how much is a faceliftDo you dread seeing your reflection in your mirror? Have you begun to inventory the lines around your eyes, the parentheses around your mouth and the sag in your cheeks? Whether you’re a man or a woman, if the effects of aging have you wishing you could regain the dewy look of youth, you may be considering a facelift. And when you do, your next likely thought will be – how much is a facelift?

Full facelifts average between $25,000 to $40,000 by the time you include surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, surgical suite usage and all of the other costs that come with any major surgery. Unfortunately, cost is not always a reflection of value.

One of the key aspects to consider when considering the cost and value of a facelift is the experience and skill of your plastic surgeon. You can pay tens of thousands of dollars to a doctor and walk away with a poor result. We’ve all seen photos of celebrities who no doubt paid astronomical sums for plastic surgery and now look permanently tight, windblown and utterly alien. That’s not value.


Think of aging as a function of gravity and withering. First, your skin loses its structural proteins (collagen and elastin) that make it springy. Second, your facial fat thins in some areas causing creases and then pools in other areas causing puffiness. The combination of these effects leaves your skin loose and saggy. The result is a face that looks tired and aged.

A traditional facelift pulls the skin upward and outward making it tighter, but doesn’t affect the underlying loss of the plump tissue of youth. Depending on how your skin has aged and how extensive your wrinkles or sags are, this procedure may work nicely to firm up your face. After a facelift, the skin will continue to age and you may need a touch up at some point.


It’s not the $25-$40k price tag that leaves some with a perpetually surprised look after a facelift. That’s the result of an unskilled or over-exuberant surgeon tightening the forehead skin too much. If a surgeon makes a mistake and a corrective procedure is required, there may not be enough tissue left for a proper fix.

The cost of a facelift is only worth it if you get the results you want and you look noticeably younger and refreshed. If, instead, you look tight and people can tell you’ve had work done, you have not realized a good value for your investment in yourself.

The cost can be well-worth it as long as you choose a great surgeon like Dr. Phillip Young. Dr. Young is a facial plastic surgeon – and that’s what you want. A facial plastic surgeon differs from a general plastic surgeon because of extensive study and specialized training on the face, head and neck to perfect techniques.


Once you’ve selected an experienced surgeon like Dr. Young, you will want to look at all of your options for facial rejuvenation so that you get best value for the cost. There are less invasive options that cost less than a full facelift. Mini face lifts or face lifts in just one area such as the mid face, lower face or brow only will cost less than a full lift. Mid and lower lifts cost less than a full facelift but more than mini lifts or brow lifts because they are more invasive and complex.

If you want significant results, you should know that topical treatments – no matter how pricey – cannot reverse the effects of aging. You’ve seen the ads that promise a “facelift in a jar” but there’s simply no such thing. Topical treatments only penetrate the topmost layers of skin and can address only subtle lines and wrinkles, but will not eradicate deep lines or renew saggy skin. Even those that boast of working at the “cellular level” cannot combat aging – it’s simply not possible.

One of the most affordable options to a full facelift is the YoungVitalizer™. This procedure can give you the long-lasting results you want for a reasonable cost. YoungVitalizer™ is a restorative process rather than a reductive process. We don’t take skin away – instead we add back what aging has taken away to restore the look of youth.


In addition to the cost in dollars of a traditional facelift, there are other costs that come in the form of risk. The recovery time can be extensive after a facelift and this can be made worse if there are complications. Because traditional facelifts involve cutting, there will be pain after the procedure. A skilled surgeon will leave you with minimal scars, but a less skilled practitioner may leave behind more noticeable scarring.

In contrast, the YoungVitalizer™ is non-invasive. There is no cutting so there is minimal pain after the procedure and no scars to hide. The risk of complication is minimized and recovery time is nearly non-existent. The results look very natural – you will look restored rather than “lifted.” This is the best cost-value result you can hope for when it comes to facial restoration!


The cost of your YoungVitalizer™ treatment will vary based on what you want and need corrected. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Young. You can tell him what aging aspects you want corrected. The YoungVitalizer™ method can be used anywhere on the face, but some patients may want just their under-eye area or nasolabial folds treated, while others will want a full face refresh.

These factors will ultimately determine the cost of your YoungVitalizer™ procedure. After talking with you and gaining an understanding of the results you want, Dr. Young will recommend a customized approach to meet your particular needs. At that time, he will explain the results you can expect and the associated costs.

The cost of YoungVitalizer™ will be less than that of a traditional facelift because there’s no general anesthesia required, no extensive surgical procedures, no cutting and no stitching. What’s even better is that for a more affordable price, you’ll get the best possible results. Call today to schedule a consultation to see how the YoungVitalizer™ can restore the youthful look of your face.