Breakthrough Incision-less Facelift

  • The YoungVitalizer is the Facelift Alternative that gives you Long Lasting, Better and More Natural Results
  • The YoungVitalizer uses an Incision Less Approach that results in much Lower Complications
  • Much less discomfort than traditional procedures
  • 87% faster recover
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The YoungVitalizer™

Is the Breakthrough Incision-Less Facelift:

Reversing Signs of Aging with the YoungVitalizer Developed by Award-Winning Beauty Theorist, & Triple Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Young:

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Developed by Award-Winning Beauty Theorist, Triple Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Philip Young M.D., The YoungVitalizer™ is the Breakthrough Incision-Less Face Lift that gives you Long Lasting, Better and More Natural Results than Traditional Face Lift Procedures. The YoungVitalizer beautifies the most important elements of your face by reversing the aging process more appropriately. You can look younger and better in a natural way while avoiding the obvious appearance of having surgery. Click here to learn about the unique Features and Benefits of the YoungVitalizerThe YoungVitalizer is the better alternative for Traditional Upper and Lower Eye Lifts, Brow Lifts, Cheek Lifts, Mid Face Lifts, Lip & Mouth Rejuvenation | Lifts. Come find out more about The YoungVitalizer by contacting us here: Contact Us at the YoungVitalizer.

Understanding the Aging Process: The Aging Process is brought on predominately by a volume loss which causes the facial tissues to draw inward and downward. Face lifts and traditional procedures tend to pull the face backward and upward which is not the right direction to reverse the aging process. This has been the reason for some of the unnatural results that you see in the plastic surgery world. The most natural way to reverse the aging process is a procedure that moves the tissues of the face in an upward and outward direction. The YoungVitalizer does just that. It presents the most important elements of the face in an upward and outward direction to recreate the youthful face that you had when you were younger. Click here to See The YoungVitalizer Before and After Picture Results to judge for yourself. Here is also a Comparison Chart between the YoungVitalizer | Traditional Procedures | Fillers. We also have a section on Learning More about the YoungVitalizer: The Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift that we are constantly updating.

Defining Facial Beauty is Vitally Important: The lack of understanding of what makes a face beautiful was also leading to unnatural results. Through Dr. Young’s time spent in Los Angeles training with some of the world’s best Facial Plastic Surgeons, he knew that Plastic Surgery was missing something important. To his surprise, he learned about the limits of our understanding of Facial Beauty. After years of extensive research, Dr. Young Developed an Award Winning Theory on Facial Beauty Called the Circles of Prominence (Click this link to read his Theory in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery).The development of the YoungVitalizer is based on these two central ideas: 1. A better understanding of the Aging Process; and 2. a markedly improved blueprint for getting better results – i.e. A Unique Theory on Facial Beauty. By combining these two important new ways of thinking, The YoungVitalizer can be the procedure to help you get the most remarkable age reversing results. Follow this link to see Dr. Young explain this during his interview with Margeret Larson on New Day Northwest: Dr. Philip Young on New Day Northwest. You can learn more about the YoungVitalizer by following the links below:Click here to read more about Dr. Young’s renowned Theory on Facial Beauty or click here to learn more about the benefits of beautyHide

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